Horizon Aviation is once again holding events! We will hold our first PVD tower tour next week and follow that with our first Hangar Day in August, our first in over a year! These are great opportunities to learn more about flying, meet fellow aviators, and simply enjoy time at the airport.

Tower Tour

The Tower Tour is exactly that…a tour of the PVD control tower. The ATC team has graciously invited us in to take a glimpse behind the curtain. We get to meet and speak with the very people who take our clearances, clear us to land, and ask us to turn 20° left. Meeting them, and seeing what it takes to direct traffic in, out and around the airspace is illuminative. If you have ever wondered why you’ve been asked by ATC to do something, why they just had you switch frequencies…or who they are, the tower tour is your chance to answer all your questions.

Space is limited! Please contact our PVD front desk to add your name to the list. If we have enough interest we will organize a second tour date in the near future. Please note that masks must be worn in the tower. Non-US citizens have additional paperwork to fill out before they may attend the tower tour. Please see Vicky for details.

As of now the date is yet to be confirmed by the ATC facility though we are looking in the next couple of weeks at the latest. As soon as we have a date we will let everyone know.

Hangar Day

Do you ever just want to hang out at the airport? Do you NOT want to hang out at the airport? We created our Hangar Day series to give you the opportunity to do exactly that. Come to PVD, spend time at the airport with like minded pilots, and relax.

If you’ve dreamed of flying but didn’t know how to get started, this is your chance to visit our flight school and learn firsthand how you can become a pilot. You’ll be able to speak with our managers, flight instructors, and even some of our current students. All are welcome!

Each Hangar Day we like to feature a guest airplane. In the past we have had a Citation X, an Aerobatic Day with a slew of local aerobatic airplanes, a J3 Cub, and a Globe Swift. For our first Hangar Day of 2021, we will be highlighting the 1943 T-6 Texan, newly based at PVD. The T-6 is a World War II advanced trainer that was used by most of the allied forces to prepare fighter pilots for their future steeds like the P-51 Mustang, Spitfire, Corsair or Avenger. Our hangar will be open from 9am – noon and we look forward to seeing you!

Horizon Hangar Day

Saturday August, 28th, 9am – Noon

530 Airport Road

Warwick, RI 02886