Our Team

Passionate Aviators Obsessed With your Success

Tyrone Grantham

Certificated Flight Instructor

Flying has unlocked so much of the country for Tyrone. Originally from Utah, he has flown over the deserts of the southwest, the snow capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains, National Parks, and even LAX. As a teacher of many subjects, he is excited to share everything he has learned, and help his students explore their world from the air.

Alex Greenlee

Certificated Flight Instructor

Alex’s love for flying is multifaceted. He loves the mechanical inner workings of radial engines. He loves the freedom flying grants. He loves reading about the exploits of those that flew in war and space. And now, after flying on his own for several years and exploring the country, he can say that he loves teaching others to fly. 

Joshua John

Certificated Flight Instructor

Josh hails from Colorado and was taught how to fly by his own father, a CFI and professional corporate pilot. Once his Private Pilot certificate was in his possession, he decided to go all-in. Despite a burgeoning non-aviation career, Josh feels that his flying was always his true calling and is thrilled to share everything he has learned with the next generation of aviators.

Mike Mayer

Certificated Flight Instructor

Mike remembers flying as a child with his grandfather. He became obsessed with airplanes and flying, something that never wore off. He achieved his Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI certificates with us at Horizon. Not only a pilot, Mike is also the owner of a Twin Comanche, Super Decathlon and a partner in the T-6 Texan based in our hangar. 

Conner Pierce

Certificated Flight Instructor

Conner grew up in a flying family. His father is an airline captain and his mother is a flight attendant. He soloed on his 16th birthday in the family Cessna 182 knew early on that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Though a long way from home, Conner is thrilled to be on his way and helping aspiring pilots achieve their goals. His ultimate dream is to fly for a major airline, and maintain his own TBM 940.

Braden Potter

Certificated Flight Instructor

Braden’s love for flying began when he was only young child. His grandfather had a Cessna 172 and those early flights with him set Braden on a path that he continues to pursue today. After teaching in San Diego, CA, Braden has joined our team and is committed to continuing his career as an instructor. In his words, nothing is as rewarding as helping students realize their dreams of flying.

Stefan Rehlmeyer

Certificated Flight Instructor

Stefan knew from an early age that he needed to fly. Hearing stories from his grandfather about cropdusting throughout the midwest, Stefan was inspired to pursue flying in college and as a career. He aspires to fly international routes for a legacy airline, and own a classic Beechcraft Staggerwing.

Jonathan Ryan

Certificated Flight Instructor

Jonathan knew he wanted to be a pilot from the age of 6. He attended an air show and immediately began building plastic and remote control models at home. While in college, he realized that his dream of flight was stronger than any professional ambition he had. He switched his major and did everything he could to become a professional pilot. Now as a certificated flight instructor he is well on his way to realizing his childhood dreams. 

Ross Topik

Certificated Flight Instructor

Ross has been fascinated with flying for as long as he can remember. With a college degree in aviation management and a burgeoning career with an airline Ross decided that he needed to be the one flying the plane instead of supporting it from an office. He earned his Private, IFR, Commercial, and CFI certificates with Horizon and we are proud to have him teaching and inspiring the next generation of aviators.

Vicky Kuo

Chief Flight Instructor

Vicky was given an introductory flight as a gift several years ago. She was instantly hooked and devoted herself to her training. She completed all of her flight training in only a year and a half and has amassed close to 7,000 hours of providing flight instruction to students. When she is not instructing, she may be found exploring southern New England in her Falco F.8L.

Bobby Hamrick

Director of Maintenance

Bobby’s biggest hero is his grandmother. As the first female certificated auto mechanic ever in the state of Arkansas, she inspired Bobby to explore the world of machinery and to become an expert in his craft. With a world class work ethic and an unwavering devotion to family, Bobby brings his best to everything and everyone he encounters.

Julian Natale

Mechanic Apprentice

Pursuing aviation professionally was never a thought for Julian, it was just something he knew he would do. He began flying at Horizon Aviation when he was just 15 and obtained his private pilot certificate at only 17 years old. Now a graduate with a degree in aviation management, Julian is working to complete his A&P as well as his commercial pilot certificate.

Brian Shippee

A&P Technician

Brian is a veteran of the US Navy where he served as an aircraft mechanic working on F/A-18 Hornets. His quick wit and mechanical expertise have made Brian a beloved member of the Horizon Aviation family for over 10 years. When he isn’t maintaining our airplanes, he can be found serving as a member of the T.F. Green Airport fire department.

Steve Derosiers


Steve grew up near the New Bedford Airport and remembers watching airplanes come and go as a child alongside his father, also a pilot. An invitation to explore an early Gulfstream I cemented a lifelong fascination with flying. The airplane that continues to consume Steve’s imagination is the 7-ton, P-47 Thunderbolt fighter/bomber from World War II.

Tori Kennedy


Tori discovered aviation while on a search for a new career path. Having spent many years in retail management, she needed something new and exciting with a real promise for adventure. After beginning her flight training, Tori made the jump onto our team as location manager.

Matt McMerriman


Matt became fascinated with aviation because of a school presentation he saw in 5th grade. Ever since that day he has been focused on becoming a professional in the aviation industry. As a college graduate with a Private Pilot certificate, Matt is well on his to having a career in the sky. 

Zeke Valtz


Zeke has been surrounded by aviation his entire life. After years spent flying throughout the midwest, Zeke acquired Horizon Aviation in 2002. Flying is his life’s passion and is matched only by his love of teaching new pilots the art of flying, and providing a path for people to realize their dreams of flight.


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You can fly. We can teach you.