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Passionate Aviators Obsessed With your Success

Freudy Gonzalez Castillo

Certificated Flight Instructor

After completing his career in the US Marine Corps, Freudy decided to pursue the thing he dreamt about as a young boy; flying. Already an accomplished skydiver, Freudy took to aviation naturally. He looks forward to showing his students just how much fun flying can be. The more fun you’re having, the more you’re learning. 

Alexis Hesse

Certificated Flight Instructor

Alexis took an early interest in aviation and learned to fly in North Dakota. She was a member of the University of North Dakota flying team and spent the summer flying for the North Dakota cloud modification project. Afterwards, she came to New England to pursue her instrument instructor rating and is looking forward to teaching others and cultivating a passion for aviation

Eddie Fitzgerald

Certificated Flight Instructor

Eddie grew up with a loving father who took him to the local Mansfield airport almost daily, spurring on a desire to fly from age 10. His first steps into the world of aviation came with a flight at Bridgewater State University, from whom he obtained his degree in aviation management. His dream of flying that began at a young age has blossomed into a career and passion. He hopes to one day own a Piper Cherokee 6. 

Eugene Kang

Certificated Flight Instructor

Eugene has always been fascinated with machines that move whether it be trains, buses or airplanes. He worked for a time as a bus driver, only to be left feeling that he could and should do more. He decided it was time to fly and with the support of his wife and children, embarked on a career as a pilot. As a flight instructor, he hopes to work to the benefit of others in pursuit of their dreams of flight. 

John Keegan

Certificated Flight Instructor

John spent much of his childhood at his grandparent’s dairy farm, surrounded by heavy machinery which fascinated him. After his father brought him to a local airport to watch the airplane come and go, his attention shifted towards aviation. After earning his college degree, John saved for 6 years to pay for all of his flight training.

Tess Kuenzi

Certificated Flight Instructor

Tess grew up around aviation and was somewhat destined to become a pilot. Hailing from the great state of Wisconsin, and not at all far from EAA, flying has been a part of Tess’s life from the get go. Now, she is excited to inspire the next generation of up and comers and help them make flying part of their life, too. 

Andrew O’Connor

Certificated Flight Instructor

For some, the idea of jumping out of an airplane is unfathomable. Remarkably, it was that experience that inspired Andrew to pursue a career in aviation. As an Army paratrooper, he logged many jumps in a variety of conditions that gave him an insight few have. Now as a CFI, instead of jumping out of airplanes, he is guiding students in the fine art of flying and landing them.   

Armani Reed

Certificated Flight Instructor

Armani has made several significant jumps in his career. The first was when he left the confines of an office job and expanded his horizons by becoming a flight attendant. He then traded out the cabin of the airplane for the cockpit by becoming a Certificated Flight Instructor! He hopes to use his career to see “every inch of the world.”  

Graham Robinson

Certificated Flight Instructor

Graham fell in love with aviation as a child flying a flight simulator on his family’s home computer. After graduating college and beginning a non-aviation career, Graham realized that a deskjob was not for him. He needed to fly! Learning to fly in the southwest of the US provided him with all the motivation he needed to continue his pursuit of his childhood dream of being a professional pilot.  

Schyler Sapinski

Certificated Flight Instructor

Schyler grew up in the northeast, where from an early age, he had a dream to learn to fly. That dream became a reality when he began his training in Connecticut and continued his education in Florida. There he completed his Certified Flight Instructor training, However, he wanted to return home to be closer to family and enjoy the New England climate. Now Schyler wants to share the joy of flight with his new community

Brian Shamblen

Certificated Flight Instructor

Brian became a Private Pilot with us years ago before completing all of his advanced flight training at the University of North Dakota. Competing on his school’s flying team fine tuned his prowess in the cockpit, particularly in spot landing competitions. He aspires to one day own an amphibious Super Cub.

Vicky Kuo

Chief Flight Instructor

Vicky was given an introductory flight as a gift several years ago. She was instantly hooked and devoted herself to her training. She completed all of her flight training in only a year and a half and has amassed close to 7,000 hours of providing flight instruction to students. When she is not instructing, she may be found exploring southern New England in her Falco F.8L.

Bobby Hamrick

Director of Maintenance

Bobby’s biggest hero is his grandmother. As the first female certificated auto mechanic ever in the state of Arkansas, she inspired Bobby to explore the world of machinery and to become an expert in his craft. With a world class work ethic and an unwavering devotion to family, Bobby brings his best to everything and everyone he encounters.

Julian Natale

Mechanic Apprentice

Pursuing aviation professionally was never a thought for Julian, it was just something he knew he would do. He began flying at Horizon Aviation when he was just 15 and obtained his private pilot certificate at only 17 years old. Now a graduate with a degree in aviation management, Julian is working to complete his A&P as well as his commercial pilot certificate.

Steve Derosiers


Steve grew up near the New Bedford Airport and remembers watching airplanes come and go as a child alongside his father, also a pilot. An invitation to explore an early Gulfstream I cemented a lifelong fascination with flying. The airplane that continues to consume Steve’s imagination is the 7-ton, P-47 Thunderbolt fighter/bomber from World War II.

Tori Kennedy


Tori discovered aviation while on a search for a new career path. Having spent many years in retail management, she needed something new and exciting with a real promise for adventure. After beginning her flight training, Tori made the jump onto our team as location manager.

Zeke Valtz


Zeke has been surrounded by aviation his entire life. After years spent flying throughout the midwest, Zeke acquired Horizon Aviation in 2002. Flying is his life’s passion and is matched only by his love of teaching new pilots the art of flying, and providing a path for people to realize their dreams of flight.


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