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Passionate Aviators Obsessed With your Success

Chris Burkle

Certificated Flight Instructor

Chris has always been fascinated with fast machines; cars, dirt bikes and airplanes. After completing his undergraduate degree he realized he was only going to be happy if he pursued something he really loved. That decision lead him to choosing a career as a pilot. As a CFI, CFII, and an MEI he is well on his way to a long successful career. His goal? Own and fly a G36 Bonanza.

Trey-Shaun Dembert

Certificated Flight Instructor

Growing up in Manhattan, Trey had little access to aviation. A chance encounter with an airline captain inspired a young Trey to dream big. He hopes to one day fly for an international cargo carrier on long haul trips all over the globe. As an instructor he relishes the opportunity to get better every single day.

Mike Demers

Certificated Flight Instructor

Mike was fascinated with aviation at a young age, watching airplanes takeoff and land near his childhood home in Maine. After a career in law enforcement and private security, he knew flying was the only thing he wanted to do. Mike obtained his PPL here at Horizon Aviation and now holds his CFI, CFII and MEI. His goal is to someday work in the corporate aviation field.

Mike Descoteaux

Certificated Flight Instructor

Mike is a veteran of the entertainment industry where he gained experience as an actor, stage manager, and ultimately a teacher. He has been drawn to aviation all his life and when the time came for a career change, he knew that the blue skies were the answer. An experienced school teacher, Mike brings many years of professional teaching to the cockpit. 

Evan Hultstrom

Certificated Flight Instructor

Evan got his start in aviation flying gliders in Vermont. That experience led Evan to pursue a collegiate aviation education which he will complete in 2019. He looks forward to one day flying Boeing 777’s to Europe and being able to build his own Carbon Cub and explore the backcountry from the air.

Darin Larabee

Certificated Flight Instructor

Darin holds a degree from the University of North Dakota where he studied aeronautics. After spending years managing FBO’s and airports around the country, he decided that he needed to be in the cockpit rather than an office. Originally from Maine, Darin is both tailwheel and seaplane qualified and would love nothing more than to own a DeHavilland Beaver on amphibs.

Ben Raizen

Certificated Flight Instructor

Ben has always known that he wanted to fly. It wasn’t until after college that he acted on his passion. He took his first flight lesson and immediately committed himself to becoming a professional aviator. There isn’t anything in aviation that Ben doesn’t want to explore, but he hopes to one day own a classic Cessna 195.

Jacob Wolf

Certificated Flight Instructor

Jacob was bitten by the aviation bug when he attended the Dayton, OH air show as a young child. Seeing the military jets flying across the sky wowed him like nothing else before or since. Dreams of flying inspired a collegiate career designed to turn him into a professional aviator and he hopes to one day fly for Southwest Airlines

Vicky Kuo

Chief Flight Instructor

Vicky was given an introductory flight as a gift several years ago. She was instantly hooked and devoted herself to her training. She completed all of her flight training in only a year and a half and has amassed close to 7,000 hours of providing flight instruction to students. When she is not instructing, she may be found exploring southern New England in her Falco F.8L.

Ray Collins

Senior Flight Instructor

Ray has amassed over 33,000 flight hours in his career and has flown everything from airlines, to Learjets, to Citation business jets. He flies with our students as a check airman, ensuring that they are meeting the goals of their training and progressing as pilots. Flying with Ray is nothing short of flying with a master pilot.

Larry Whipple

Director of Maintenance

Larry is a second generation aircraft technician, following in the footsteps of his father. He is an accomplished IA and has helped teach aircraft maintenance to hundreds of students throughout New England. Not only a technician, Larry has been flying his entire life and is a part owner of a classic 1965 Beechcraft Musketeer.

Julian Natale

Mechanic Apprentice

Pursuing aviation professionally was never a thought for Julian, it was just something he knew he would do. He began flying at Horizon Aviation when he was just 15 and obtained his private pilot certificate at only 17 years old. Now a graduate with a degree in aviation management, Julian is working to complete his A&P as well as his commercial pilot certificate.

Brian Shippee

A&P Technician

Brian is a veteran of the US Navy where he served as an aircraft mechanic working on F/A-18 Hornets. His quick wit and mechanical expertise have made Brian a beloved member of the Horizon Aviation family for over 10 years. When he isn’t maintaining our airplanes, he can be found serving as a member of the T.F. Green Airport fire department.

Steve Derosiers


Steve grew up near the New Bedford Airport and remembers watching airplanes come and go as a child alongside his father, also a pilot. An invitation to explore an early Gulfstream I cemented a lifelong fascination with flying. The airplane that continues to consume Steve’s imagination is the 7-ton, P-47 Thunderbolt fighter/bomber from World War II.

Alex Greenlee


Alex has been obsessed with flying ever since his family brought him to an air show in Maine when he was a child. It inspired a lifelong fascination with the history of aviation, something that still drives his flying pursuits. He is determined to not only enjoy a career as a professional pilot, but to also fly some of the world’s rarest vintage aircraft and warbirds.

Tori Kennedy


Tori discovered aviation while on a search for a new career path. Having spent many years in retail management, she needed something new and exciting with a real promise for adventure. After beginning her flight training, Tori made the jump onto our team as location manager.

Zeke Valtz


Zeke has been surrounded by aviation his entire life. After years spent flying throughout the midwest, Zeke acquired Horizon Aviation in 2002. Flying is his life’s passion and is matched only by his love of teaching new pilots the art of flying, and providing a path for people to realize their dreams of flight.


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