Horizon Aviation Temporarily Suspending Flight Operations in response to COVID-19.
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Anastasia Solos!

Happy birthday…happy solo!!!! Anastasia celebrated her birthday by completing her first solo flight! Is there a better gift than that?! Well done, Anastasia!

Dale is a Commercial Pilot!

We had an exceptionally exciting weekend. Two of our students reached huge milestones in their flying careers. First, Dale successfully completed his Commercial Pilot checkride. He overcame several obstacles along the way, including a troublesome FAA medical that you...

Adam Is A Private Pilot!

Adam recently became one of the newest licensed pilots in the country! We’re so happy for you! Now, get out there and explore. It’s a big country and you have a license to see it all.  

Andrew pass his IFR Checkride!

Andrew passed his IFR checkride this morning! He spent the whole flight “under the hood” which means he missed out on seeing what a beautiful day it is. Well done, sir!!! Now, go find some clouds!!!!    

PVD Tower Tour 10/28

We are hosting a tour of the PVD air traffic control tower on Sunday October 28th at 6pm. We will get to see the radar room and hear from controllers how they manage all of the airplanes, including ours, around the airspace of southern New England. We will also be...