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Certificated Flight Instructor

Interested in Joining Our Team as a CFI?

CFI’s are the foundation of the aviation industry. We believe they should be treated as professionals. We believe that if a person loves to teach and loves to fly, they should be able to earn a good living as an Instructor. We believe that flight instructors can do more than just build hours; they are continuing a tradition and inspiring the next generation of aviators.

Horizon Aviation is proud to offer those with a passion for teaching and a driving commitment to their student’s success the opportunity to join our team of professional aviation educators.

Our students success: Our instructors put their students first by providing honest guidance that maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of their training experience. At every stage, our instructors are evaluating what is best for the their students. The question is never how “I can benefit” from a lesson, it is always how does this help my student. 

The ability to teach: A CFI certificate does not guarantee that a person is an effective teacher. Each of our CFI’s undergoes a thorough evaluation and coaching process with our chief pilot. We want you to be the best, and we will help you get there. You need to be the type of pilot that makes people say “they know their stuff.”

We know that most instructors are building time so that that they may progress in their careers. We want you to succeed and we want to be a part in that success. Our past instructors are now flying for a variety of airlines, and charter companies and we could not be prouder of their accomplishments.

  • CFI, CFII – $45,000/yr salary

  • Senior CFI, CFII, MEI – $55,000/yr salary (2,000 hours dual given)

  • Health insurance available

  • Paid vacation & holidays

  • Relocation assistance available

  • Fly 1,000 hours+ per year typically

  • Diverse aircraft fleet

  • Actual IMC experience

  • In-house maintenance department

  • Free Garmin Pilot subscription

  • Background check required

  • Horizon Aviation is an equal opportunity employer.

A&P Mechanic

Our maintenance department is empowered to do everything necessary to keep our airplanes and engines operating safely. We do not cut corners. 

Maintenance Apprentice

Our maintenance department provides the opportunity for aspiring mechanics to learn under the tutelage of a senior experienced, licensed A&P technician.

Ramp Agent

Our ramp can be a busy place with flights coming and going. You can help us by keeping the airplanes clean, fueled, and ready for the next flight.

More pilots have earned their wings in a Cessna than any other type of airplane. As an official Cessna Pilot Center, the Horizon Aviation fleet features 20 Cessna airplanes designed to meet every aspect of your flight training. We work directly with Cessna to create the best training material available, and provide the most thorough training possible.

Interested in a Career with Horizon Aviation?

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You Can Fly. We Can Teach You.