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Picking the right flight school for me was a daunting task with so many options in the area. Ultimately I chose Horizon because of their well maintained fleet and maintenance, fair prices, and availability. After my discovery flight I felt welcomed immediately and knew I made the right choice. Steve, Tori, and Alex do a fantastic job of communicating and ensures nothing but the best care while you’re there. They are full of knowledge and always happy to answer any questions. 
What sets Horizon Aviation apart from others is their passion for teaching. You won’t find an inattentive CFI whose only purpose is to build hours. Horizon Aviation is truly dedicated to your training and will guide you from day one to make you a safe and knowledgeable pilot. They are true advocates for their students and aviation. 
I could not recommend Horizon Aviation enough to aspiring pilots. Having gone to another flight school and seeing how things were run there only made me realize how truly special Horizon Aviation is. From the day you walk in and to the day you obtain your license or rating, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands at Horizon Aviation. 
Jennie S

Instrument Pilot

I am learning to fly because it has been a dream for many years to be a pilot. I grew up all over the place, constantly traveling, and saw from a young age how connected the world becomes when planes come into the picture. I never thought that I could be a part of the exclusive club that gets to fly for a living. My goal is to be an airline pilot, perhaps a cargo pilot, or maybe start a sightseeing business in the Caribbean :). I don’t know exactly where this career will take me long term, but I am pursuing it and looking forward to taking each opportunity as it comes. 

 I chose Horizon because of their reputation in New England for being a high quality flight school, that truly cares for each student individually. I knew this from the first time I walked in, Alex and Chris were there to give me a tour, answer every question I had, and clearly lay out important information about the flight school. 

 My flight training has been great at Horizon. I appreciate that Tori or Alex always call the day before to confirm for tomorrows flight. Mike was always communicative as we planned ahead together and charted a course towards completing the CPL. I would definitely recommend Horizon for anyone looking to learn to fly.”

Walker G

Commercial Pilot

“Almost exactly 2 years ago I started my flight training at Horizon and I have enjoyed every minute of it! Horizon became a second home for me, especially since at some points I was flying 4 days a week! There was never really a specific moment in time when I decided I wanted to learn how to fly, I have just always had the desire to be up in the air and fly amongst the clouds. I am unsure right now if I want to become a commercial pilot, but I do know that I want to spend my life working in the field of aviation, maybe even be an aerospace engineer. Before coming to Horizon I had tried other programs but none were as organized as Horizon and none of them seemed to be too eager to help me to start my flight training like Horizon. The team at Horizon has been absolutely phenomenal and my flight training experience would not have been as enjoyable without the wonderful instructors and mangers (shout-out to Evan!) I would definitely recommend Horizon to a friend! Before coming to Horizon I never really understood the process towards becoming a private pilot but when I came about 2 years ago to check it out, Steve laid it all out for me, and I realized that I could become a pilot before graduating high school and now I have! Flying for me is a uniquely indescribable experience. Nothing in the world can match the feeling I have when I am up in the air and looking at the beautiful landscape and the puffy white clouds. The freedom in the air is truly incredible and all of my worries seem to go away.

…. I am definitely so grateful for all of the training I have received!” 

Chris R

Private Pilot

“I must say that flying with the Horizon Aviation staff has helped me with my career in aviation, and gave me an advantage over my peers in phase 1 of Undergraduate Pilot Training. I am currently stationed at Laughlin AFB, and recently flew my first flight in the T-6A, and that was unlike anything I have ever done before. Chris, Nick, Rikki, and Seth were able to give me a strong aviation 

foundation that I am able to build on and adapt to fit my current needs as a pilot. Thank you and the entire Horizon Aviation staff for helping me get to where I am today.”

Jacob M.

KC-135 Pilot, United States Air Force

“I can’t thank you, Zeke and the rest of the Horizon team, enough for giving me the time, flexibility and commitment to helping me realize a dream I’ve had all my life. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would not only fulfill my dream of flying but meet an awesome family as well.”


Student Pilot

More pilots have earned their wings in a Cessna than any other type of airplane. As an official Cessna Pilot Center, the Horizon Aviation fleet features 20 Cessna airplanes designed to meet every aspect of your flight training. We work directly with Cessna to create the best training material available, and provide the most thorough training possible.

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