The aviation year revolves around Airventure and 2022 is no different. The Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual gathering in Oshkosh, WI draws pilots and airplanes from all over the world. Many new designs and products are announced during the week long event. Here are some of the things we are looking forward to seeing and hearing about during OSH22. 

  • Van’s Aircraft RV-15 – Van’s makes the most popular line of homebuilt aircraft kits in the world. They recently announced a new model, the RV-15 that is a totally new design unlike anything they’ve previously offered. The -15 is a high wing aircraft designed for backcountry and STOL flying. Details are still unknown but we expect to see it in person in a few weeks. 
  • New Kodiak? – Daher Kodiak has teased a massive unveiling. We are hoping for a new aircraft offering…something that goes further, faster, higher, carries more and can still go backcountry. Will we get it? We’ll see!!
  • Heavy metal up close – Every year you can expect to see some large aircraft up close but this year a handful of the world’s largest airliners will make appearances: a Boeing 777 and a new Airbus A330-900 will be in attendance. We see airliners everyday at PVD but usually not anything this big.
  •  F-100 Super Sabre – While an F-100 hasn’t shown up in anyone’s lottery plane list, it may be only because there is a single one flying. The F-100 was flown in the early years of the Vietnam war and is an iconic example of 1950’s aircraft design. It was the first fighter in the USAF that could fly supersonic in level flight, thanks in part to its primitive afterburner system which we will no doubt get to witness.
  • The unexpected – You never know what you’re going to see at Airventure. Surprises have happened not every year, but enough years where you have to always be ready. Whether it was a surprise fly over of the new Cirrus Vision Jet, or the arrival of a warbird restoration that no one knew about, Airventure always has the potential to alter the landscape of general aviation and the feeling you get from being there to witness it, makes you feel as though you are a part of that history.

Get to Oshkosh, WI between July 25th and July 31st to be apart of a aviation’s greatest celebration. If you can’t hop a ride in a friend’s airplane, grab airline service into Milwaukee, Chicago, Appleton or even Green Bay and make the relatively short drive. Anyone and everyone that loves aviation owes it to themselves to make the journey.