Sorry, it is going to be a long one
Hey guys! Many of you have probably heard the name “Porter” whispered through the the Horizon rooms and aircraft, or maybe you haven’t. If you have ever taken a peak at the “our team” page on the website, you’ll see the familiar faces of our instructors, managers, and maintenance team. However there is one face behind it all, one face that works behind the scenes supporting from the depths of his knowledge and experience. Chris Porter, a mysterious and elusive part of the Horizon family. You’ve seen his posts on our website; or the website itself. You’ve seen the monthly “aviator” news letter, the Instagram, the Facebook, wandering at a hangar day, or maybe you’ve even seen him lunging on the ramp with his camera in hand. He’s more than our marketing guy… he’s a resource, an aviation nerd who wants to pass all the things he finds interesting unto others. He’s a dad, both by definition and by presence, always looking to teach, be it about aerobatic maneuvers or general life lessons he’s learned along his many year flying career. He’s someone I look to for guidance, and a good argument. Chris porter is a Horizon staple, a welcoming advisor for anyone who walks in the door, and as of this week, a newly rated CFII. Well done, Porter!