Working at a flight school while also working on your own flight training is not an easy undertaking. While you do get to immerse yourself in aviation every day, there is also the added pressure of every instructor, every student, every maintenance tech, and even the mailman knowing when you are headed for big milestones…like a checkride. These exams can be stressful events, even more so when you’re under the microscope of the entire school. It can feel like all eyes are on you when it is your turn to step up to the plate and take a swing at achieving a knew license or rating.

But, you also have the support and well wishes of that entire group of people. Every student, every instructor, ever maintenance tech, and yes even the mailman are cheering you on, sending you off with all the hopes and well wishes possible. It is not a microscope peering down on you, it is a community lifting you up. 

And so, we want to wish our very own Matt McMerriman a hearty and sincere congratulations on working hard, staying focused and becoming an instrument rated pilot last week. We couldn’t be happier for you. 

Now…get going on that Commercial!