It has been a long journey of almost two years but all the hard work and persistence paid off for Anurag!

Coming from the small and beautiful city of Bhopal in central India, Anurag grew up listening to his father’s stories from the time when he trained on a vintage Tiger Moth. The seed was planted and his desire to build a career in aviation grew stronger.

However, the lack of infrastructure and differing priorities in a middle-class family posed a challenge to pursuing his dream.

Fast forward twenty years, having built a successful career in management consulting, Anurag finally took to wings after his wife’s insistence. A demanding job, pandemic, and New England weather presented its own ups and downs but with his wife’s support and encouragement, Anurag stayed on course and achieved this great milestone!

What next? Anurag plans to continue with his aviation journey, addition instrument and even commercial certifications. He aspires to own a plane someday and enjoy the box seat view of this amazing country with his wife and dog.