Behind the front desk at each Horizon Aviation location resides an arrangement of flags. Each flag represents the country that a visiting Horizon student calls home. Now, one of those countries is under attack. We are going to help.

Several Horizon alumni, students and staff have taken it upon themselves to donate to Ukrainian relief efforts. Below are some of the verified accounts we have discovered to help provide some assistance to a people under siege:

Ukraine Red Cross:

The Ukrainian Red Cross is in the thick of the conflict trying to get aid to those who need it most. They are assisting not just with food, shelter and medical supplies but active evacuation efforts.

Global Empowerment Mission

The GEM is providing assistance at the Ukraine/Polish border to assist those who have fled. They are also assisting those still in country to get out safely.

The World Central Kitchen!/donation/checkout

The WCK deploys to places where food is in short supply. They have been active in the United States in disaster areas, in war torn areas through the Middle East and Africa, and now they are actively feeding countless refugees fleeing Ukraine.

Horizon friend Mike M. wanted to make sure money got to people on the ground in Ukraine, and learned that had waived all fees for stays booked in the Ukraine (without staying of course!). He bought a couple of weeks from various hosts to get money directly to Ukrainian people. As things have gotten worse on the ground, the International Rescue Committee at has stepped up to ensure cash is getting into the right hands as well. Either seem a great option to directly help the Ukrainian people.

We are fortunate to have the perspective that flying grants us. From altitude we cannot see borders. Landscapes may vary but the pride of looking down upon one’s homestead from the air is universal. We are fortunate to live with relative security in the US that our homes exist without the spectre of an invading country looming. We owe to those less fortunate to assist when we can.