Effective March 21, 2022, Horizon Aviation’s hourly training rates will increase. This will be the first change of our rates in several years. With this increase, Horizon’s training prices remain competitive with other flight training providers in the region.

We have all experienced rising prices in our daily lives. The cost of everything from gas to groceries has increased steadily in the past few years, and especially over the past 12 months. Not surprisingly, our cost of doing business has increased as well. This is seen most dramatically in aircraft parts and insurance. Recently, we have seen prices for parts increase an average of 25-50%. For example, the price of an engine cylinder is up 70%, batteries are up 30%. We are unwilling to compromise the safety and availability of our aircraft fleet even as the cost of doing so rises.

The increased cost of insurance is something that is being felt industry-wide by flight schools, corporate operators, and individual owners alike. Our insurance has increased over 40% in two years.

The team at Horizon will always strive to provide the best value for your flight training dollar. We appreciate your continued patronage and are honored to be your trusted flight training provider. 

Thank you,

Horizon Aviation