“Richie passed his PPL today! Richie grew up in Southie watching the arrivals and departures into and out of Logan as a kid and has always been interested in aviation since. To this day his favorite place in the greater Boston area is Castle Island so he can watch the departures. He has been saving financially for his entire working life to obtain this goal, and has plans in the future to fly himself to the West Coast of Florida into retirement. Richie has been one of my best students since my coming to Horizon, he was also my first lesson at Horizon. He’s consistently a half hour early to each lesson, ready to go with a weather briefing and a great attitude. He takes training very seriously and is never afraid to air on the side of caution when weather or external pressures start closing in. He knows his limitations better than most students, and wants to be the safest pilot he can be. Richie has plans of enjoying his ticket and flying on some fun cross-country flights with his family.” ~ CFI Jon Ryan