Do you ever just want to hang out at the airport? Do you NOT want to hang out at the airport? We created our Hangar Day series to give you the opportunity to do exactly that. Come to PVD, spend time at the airport with like minded pilots, and relax.

If you’ve dreamed of flying but didn’t know how to get started, this is your chance to visit our flight school and learn firsthand how you can become a pilot. You’ll be able to speak with our managers, flight instructors, and even some of our current students. All are welcome!

Each Hangar Day we like to feature a guest airplane. In the past we have had a Citation X, an Aerobatic Day with a slew of local aerobatic airplanes, a J3 Cub, and a Globe Swift. For our second Hangar Day of 2021, we will be highlighting our very own American Champion Super Decathlon! Why is our Super D special? BECAUSE YOU CAN FLY IT! We have opened up our Super D for tailwheel instruction starting immediately. Come learn what makes taildraggers so special and schedule your first lesson!