Imagine being a young child, flying a Cessna with your grandfather around the Sierra Nevada mountains in CA. There is almost no chance you would be able to skate through your youth without being bitten by the aviation bug. For our newest CFI Braden Potter, that is exactly what happened.

Originally from Utah, Braden would visit his grandfather in CA and go on small adventures in his Cessna 172. Occasionally, a rendezvous would be planned halfway between UT and CA to cut down on driving time and to enjoy the remarkable scenery of that corner of the United States. It was an experience that set Braden on a path he continues to pursue. He remembers being all of 10 years-old and knowing he wanted to be a pilot.

When it was time to pursue a college degree, Braden began studying aviation science though new opportunities led to a mid-course correction. A major airline was offering a cadet program that would provide him with all the flight training he could handle as well as a path towards employment later on. Braden opted to pursue that avenue, saving college for another time.

For Braden that decision has proved fruitful in a number of ways. After a year spent in an immersive flight training program, he is now a full fledged flight instructor and commercial multi-engine pilot. He was able to begin his professional pilot career as an instructor in San Diego providing training to aspiring pilots from other parts of the globe. He relished the work. Watching his students learn and grow was so rewarding that he decided his career would focus on flight training for the foreseeable future. While most of his peers are drawn to the allure of commercial airliners and business jets, Braden recognizes that instructing has the potential to be not only a sustainable career, but one that offers significant professional and personal growth opportunities.

Welcome, Braden to the Horizon family!