Rebecca Spencer has joined our Norwood flight instructor team. Originally from the Hudson Valley in New York, Rebecca began learning to fly helicopters as a hobby before ultimately deciding that flying professionally was her true calling. 

She took her first flight when she was just 16 years old. That flight had an immediate effect. She was hooked and began learning how to fly slowly and without any ambition to be a professional pilot. Her college career took her away from flying (and sent her to Ireland for a while) for several years and flying took a backseat. With a degree in economics she began to establish a career working in data analysis. 

Working behind a computer screen quickly lost its allure and after two years she was ready for something different. A chance encounter with an airline cadet advertisement connected the dots for her. She could do the thing that she loved and earn a living while doing it. 

Returning to the cockpit for the first time in 8 years was a challenge but Rebecca was able to complete all of her training in less than a year. Attending a rigid flight training program in California meant she had to maintain a blistering schedule of flying, studying and test taking. The fast paced nature of the program left little time for fun flying or even a moment to relax and enjoy being up the air. “It wasn’t until I was training for my CFI that I had an instructor say ‘okay let’s go up this way and see what we can see.’ It was all business, all the time.”

As a CFI, Rebecca hopes her flight students take time to enjoy the process of learning how to fly as much as they enjoy having their license. “I love the mechanics of flying, I love being in the environment and working through airspace and I hope my students, outside of learning and growing as pilots, take the time to sit back every once in awhile and just enjoy it.”