The instructor team at Horizon is growing in number and experience. We have promoted one of our most beloved instructors while adding two new (to us) instructors to our PVD based team. 

We are proud to announce that Darin Larabee has been promoted to Assistant Chief Instructor. Darin joined us in April of 2019 and quickly became a favorite amongst our students and fellow staff. His steadfast dedication to his students, combined with his significant depth of knowledge has made him a highly effective and efficient CFI. In addition to his guiding his students through their training, he will now be conducting stage checks and end-of-course flights. Going forward, he will now be based out of our Norwood, MA facility allowing greater flexibility and availability for students there. 

With Darin moving to OWD, the PVD CFI team is being augmented with two additional instructors. Joe Livingston and Stefan Rehlmeyer bring prior instructing experience to Horizon from opposite corners of the United States. 

Joe Livingston’s passion for flying has guided his career since the beginning. As a mechanic in the United States Air Force, Joe learned the ins and outs of the B-52, and B-2 bombers. He applied himself in collegiate studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he completed not only his fixed-wing instructor certificate, but his rotorcraft instructor certificate as well. Returning home to Oregon, Joe flew all over the Pacific Northwest as an instructor in a mixture of aircraft including Cessna 172s and Robinson R44s. Unfortunately, the pandemic ended that chapter of his journey so Joe embarked on a new one. He loaded up his life (including his family) into a moving truck and drove 3,000 miles from Oregon to Rhode Island to join our team.   

Stefan (Stef) Rehlmeyer knew he was going to be a pilot ever since he was a high school student. Inspired by stories told to him by his cropdusting grandfather, Stef was always searching for an accessible solution to his flight training. In 2015, he was able to borrow an airplane with which to learn the art of flying. Working as an FBO ramp agent, Stef tackled certificate after certificate, and eventually became a flight instructor in 2019. He was working as a CFI/CFII and 141 Check Instructor in Florida when the COVID-19 forced the closure of his school. Undeterred, Stef has found a new home for instruction with Horizon and new adventure navigating the New England skies.

As many of you have experienced, our instructor team becomes like family. We take great pride in their work, their professionalism and their commitment to you. We welcome you to congratulate Darin, Joe and Stef on their accomplishments and inquire with our respective front desks about booking your next flight lesson with these esteemed aviators.