Over the years, a surprising number of Horizon Aviation student pilots have won scholarships to supplement their flight training. There are a variety of sponsors that offer these scholarships and the submission window for many of them is open or will be opening very soon.

 Aero Club of New England (ACONE): Seventeen scholarships totaling $34,000 will be awarded in 2021. These may be applied to primary, instrument, or advanced flight training. Collegiate scholarships are also available for those studying aviation maintenance technology or aviation management. There are a handful of requirements to apply (must be 16 years old, have a medical certificate, etc.) which may be found on the ACONE website. The deadline for applications is March 20, 2021. 

The Cape Area Pilots Association (CAPA): Cape Cod residents may be eligible a scholarship provided by CAPA. They sponsor a variety of scholarships which may be applied to flight training or an aviation collegiate program. Applications are available on the CAPA website.  

EAA Ray Aviation Scholarships: Perhaps the biggest flight training scholarship fund in the world, the Ray Foundation awards over $1,000,000 annually in flight training scholarships. These may be applied to just about any phase of flight training except multi engine. The application window for these is opening in mid-November according to EAA.