Chris became the latest Horizon student to complete his training and become a certificated Private Pilot! The kicker? He is still in high school! Unbelievable! Congratulations, Chris!

After his check ride, he sent us a note which we have to share. We love enabling people to reach their dreams. Thank you, Chris for these kind words:

“Almost exactly 2 years ago I started my flight training at Horizon and I have enjoyed every minute of it! Horizon became a second home for me, especially since at some points I was flying 4 days a week! There was never really a specific moment in time when I decided I wanted to learn how to fly, I have just always had the desire to be up in the air and fly amongst the clouds. I am unsure right now if I want to become a commercial pilot, but I do know that I want to spend my life working in the field of aviation, maybe even be an aerospace engineer. Before coming to Horizon I had tried other programs but none were as organized as Horizon and none of them seemed to be too eager to help me to start my flight training like Horizon. The team at Horizon has been absolutely phenomenal and my flight training experience would not have been as enjoyable without the wonderful instructors and mangers (shout-out to Evan!) I would definitely recommend Horizon to a friend! Before coming to Horizon I never really understood the process towards becoming a private pilot but when I came about 2 years ago to check it out, Steve laid it all out for me, and I realized that I could become a pilot before graduating high school and now I have! Flying for me is a uniquely indescribable experience. Nothing in the world can match the feeling I have when I am up in the air and looking at the beautiful landscape and the puffy white clouds. The freedom in the air is truly incredible and all of my worries seem to go away.”