On June 13th, a handful of Horizon Aviation and customer owned aircraft were rolled across a freshly epoxied and polished hangar floor. Without pomp or circumstance, the move of these airplanes across that floor marked the official completion of Horizon’s new hangar at T.F. Green Airport. 

Over a year in the making, Hangar 4 is the first new hangar constructed at PVD in decades. With 7200 sq/ft of floor space, the hangar will provide a safe haven for Horizon’s fleet of training aircraft during storms and winter months. Protecting the airplanes from wind, rain, snow and ice will reduce the toll the environment takes on the airplanes and cut back on unnecessary maintenance events caused by the elements. 

Beyond aircraft storage, the new structure enables Horizon to extend its reach among future pilots in southern New England. The additional space makes possible a variety of educational programs and community activities that will enrich the Horizon Aviation flight training experience and benefit all of Horizon’s students, customers, staff and alumni.