Need something new to watch? Check out these channels on YouTube for some great aviation content.
  • FlightChops: One of the biggest aviation YouTubers, Steve Thorne chronicles his journey through aviation. He originally had the goal of becoming a warbird pilot but he has since started building an RV-14, earned his Instrument rated, doing aerobatics, and flying in South America. He also posted one of the best flight training videos we have ever seen.
  • FliteTest: What do you get when you combine some amateur aerodynamicists, a wide open field, and a whole bunch of cardboard? You get FliteTest. They dream up crazy ideas for remote control airplanes, build them and fly them. Some work. Some don’t. All of them are fun.
  • AOPA Aviation Safety Institute: The ASI’s YouTube features some amazing accident investigations exploring the decisions and situations that lead to the incidents. Study these videos and ask yourself what would you have done differently.
  • AirshowStuff: Nothing educational here, just pure drool inducing videos of airplanes. The channel generates most of its content from Airventure (Oshkosh) and even has some mega-compilation videos of landings and takeoffs that last over 5 hours. Great background noise if you’re working from home but it may ruin your productivity.
  • Mike Patey: Engineer? Mad scientist? Mike Patey is the guy behind Draco, the bright red turboprop powered Wilga you may have seen in some every aviation magazine last year. He is constantly dreaming up crazy ideas for airplanes then building them. No cardboard here. Patey is all about steel tubes, carbon fiber, and horsepower.
  • Rachel Dutch: Part travel vlog, part airline pilot vlog, part fashion vlog, Rachel Dutch shows what the first two years as an airline pilot really looks like.