Effective February 1, 2020, Horizon Aviation’s hourly aircraft rates will increase. This will be the first time in 5 years. We strive to keep flight training as affordable as possible. With this increase, Horizon’s training fleet remains the most affordable and well maintained in southern New England. The reason for the price increase is simple: our cost of doing business has increased dramatically over the past five years. The increases are usually seen in fuel, parts and insurance. Fuel prices are the most visible and relatable expense of operating aircraft. It just like everyone’s car.  In the past five years, fuel prices at PVD have increased 42%. That equates to a $13.80 per hour increase in the cost of operation of a Cessna 172. Spare parts for aircraft have always been pricey and the large manufacturers generally increase those prices 10-15% every January. While Horizon’s hourly rates will increase a few dollars, the introduction of the RedBird flight simulators will offset some of the increase for the instrument and commercial pilot training programs. The FAA has approved the RedBird for 20 hours worth of training towards the instrument, and 30 hours towards the commercial. The team at Horizon will continue to strive for efficient use of your training funds. Please contact our location managers with any questions you have. Thank you, Horizon Aviation