Horizon students have logged close to 100 hours in the RedBird flight simulators since the sims were installed in late October. With winter weather upon us already, the sims are proving their worth by helping student pilots continue their training regardless of what Mother Nature brings. The two RedBird flight simulators operated by Horizon Aviation offer students the opportunity to accrue flight hours towards almost any license they are working towards, while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their training time. Students at every stage of the pilot journey are taking advantage of the added flexibility of being able to hop in the sim on a rainy day and focus on challenging areas of their training. Mike is working on his private pilot certificate and spent time in the RedBird focusing on his takeoff procedures. “I found it extremely advantageous, especially working with the takeoffs. It really does help. I know it helped me immensely. There’s no pressure about making mistakes. You get the confidence that makes you feel better in the airplane. With help from his instructor Juan, Mike was able to run through his take off procedure 20 times in roughly 30 minutes. They were able to perform a take off, pause the simulation, and reset back to the beginning of the takeoff allowing Mike to focus on refining his instrument scan, radio calls, and airspeed management. Juan was even able to fail instruments on Mike to simulate real world events that are otherwise difficult to recreate. CFI Chris Burkle enjoys working with instrument students in the sim because it gives those students the chance to develop their instrument skills without any pressure from ATC. “When they do get in the airplane, they already have a solid background of how to fly these procedures. Their time in the airplane can be focused on putting what they’ve learned into practice.” Horizon’s RedBird flight simulators are available for private, instrument, commercial, flight instructor, and even multi engine training. Inquire with your flight instructor about how you can incorporate the sim into your training, and turn a weather day into a flying day. One RedBird flight simulator is available at each of Horizon Aviation’s locations.