On January 1, 2020 the aviation world will change. Every aircraft operating in controlled airspace that currently requires a mode C transponder will be required to have an ADS-B transmitter. Horizon’s aircraft are in the process of being updated and will continue to fly through the deadline. The traditional radar controlled environment is being augmented with a new satellite based system. Each aircraft receives its GPS position data via satellite and that information is then transmitted to ATC and to other aircraft in the area. The GPS positioning data is more accurate than the radar system, has no blackout areas, and allows ATC to more efficiently route traffic. Last year uAvionix released their skyBeacon and tailBeacon transmitters which were affordable and required a minimum amount of work to install. These beacons replace either a wingtip navlight or a tail navlight with an LED light commingled with an ADS-B out transmitter. This little device works with the mode C or mode S transponders already installed in the aircraft, cancelling the need for installing additional avionics boxes inside the airplane. The only change to our operations with these devices is that the nav lights must be on for the duration of the flight and our checklists will be updated to reflect the change. Horizon students and pilots may continue flying knowing that the aircraft are compliant with all current FAA rules and regulations.