The ramp at Horizon’s PVD facility was transformed into an aerobatic parking lot during our August edition of Hangar Day. With a flock of aerobatic airplanes in attendance, guests were given a chance to see a collection of extraordinary airplanes and meet the people who own and fly them. The Hangar Day event series was designed to give student pilots an opportunity to spend a morning at the airport without the need to prepare for a flight lesson while also giving new students the chance to meet our instructors, staff, and current students. As an added bonus, guest airplanes are always in attendance. These airplanes are carefully selected to expose students and pilots to airplanes and avenues of aviation they may have not considered before. Hangar Days have featured a wide variety of aircraft in the past from the diminutive J-3 Cub to a gleaming Cessna Citation X business jet. The August Hangar Day featured aerobatic airplanes, each designed to perform loops, rolls, spins, and even gyroscopic tumbles. The brightly colored airplanes brought onlookers from around New England. “When I was learning how to fly, all I wanted to do was learn competition aerobatics. I talked to everyone I could about it and have been able to fly at several contests. For me, its the most fun you can have in an airplane” reported Chris Porter, pilot of the Extra 200 and organizer of our Hangar Days events. He added “I’ve been involved in aviation for almost 20 years and I am still learning about all it has to offer. Places to go, careers to pursue and airplanes to fly. I wanted Hangar Days to be an opportunity for people who are new to aviation to discover all the possibilities that are out there.” The 2020 Hangar Day season is currently being planned with a new lineup of guest airplanes. If you have an airplane that would like featured at a Hangar Day event, please contact the PVD front desk: 401-736-5115