More Horizon Aviation students reached new flying milestones during the month of July 2019 than in any pervious month. A total of 14 first solos or licenses were achieved across the school’s two locations. Zeke Valtz, President of Horizon Aviation commented, “Horizon exists to help people realize their dreams of flying, and to see this many students hit so many goals in such a short time frame is really amazing.” He credited the perseverance and dedication of the students as a large factor in Horizon’s record month. “Learning to fly is not always easy. It requires a focus that can be difficult to find when you’re working 40 hours per week, in college, or have kids to take care of. All of these milestones are the result of people putting in the hard work to get it done. They should all be commended for their efforts.” Horizon’s team of instructors have been working hard to make sure their students are given every opportunity to succeed this summer. “With so much demand, our instructors have been amazing at calling their students as soon as a flight block opens up” reports Valtz. “Just about any time we have a cancellation due to an illness or a conflict, we have been able to fill the opening and keep our student’s moving towards their goals as efficiently as possible.” With so many hours being recorded, Horizon’s maintenance team has been working diligently to keep the airplanes on the line, minimizing downtime caused by regular inspections, oil changes or unplanned events. The record amount of hours students have flown in July means that the maintenance team had to achieve a record number of 100 hour inspections and oil changes. They met the challenge while adhering to the highest standards of workmanship. Student Achievements July 2019Nathan Larochelle: Private Pilot Mauricio Puppo: Commercial Pilot Tom Ambrose: Commercial Pilot David Longfellow: Flight Instructor Steve Cipolla: Private Pilot Andrew Chiarello: Solo Jack Clements: Private Pilot Rick Kaandorp: Solo Leandro Amorim: Commercial Pilot Cody Robillard: Solo Jack Breslin: Private Pilot Evens Francois: Instrument Don Katcoff: Private Pilot Mike O’Mara: Private Pilot