The Horizon Aviation Cessna 152 fleet is being upgraded to deliver our students a richer, more rewarding aviation experience. We have big plans for our little airplanes, and some changes have already been made. Our 152 fleet features some of the hardest working airplanes in New England. They are some of the toughest small airplanes ever built but do require some periodic TLC. Our plans include new glass and windows, upgraded avionics, and even new paint for the three. N49185 is the first to receive our maintenance team’s attention. “185” is back on the flightline with a brand new windshield, rear window, and side windows. The tachometer has been replaced with a CGR-30P which provides basic engine information and EGT and CHT information on each of the 4-cylinders. The instrument also shows fuel flow; acts as a fuel totalizer, and shows oil pressure and temperature readouts. This one device will greatly enhance our pilot’s ability to monitor their engine, and fuel consumption allowing for more accurate flight planning and execution. In the coming months you will see the interiors of the 152’s being updated as well. Eventually they will head to a paint shop where they will get new, matching looks. This will all be done carefully to avoid any hiccups in our student’s schedules.
The CGR-30P offers data on a variety of engine parameters, allowing enhanced monitoring and data analysis.