Horizon Aviation is again able to offer the increased availability and flexibility in our scheduling that we strive to deliver. Last year, seven of Horizon’s instructors obtained positions flying for a variety of airlines including Mesa Airlines, Endeavor, ExpressJet, Tradewinds, Cape Air, and Wheels Up. While we always celebrate an instructor reaching a new milestone in their respective careers, Horizon was left short staffed while we searched for our next group of quality instructors that will help educate the next generation of pilots. This problem was not unique to Horizon as flight schools around the country struggled to maintain their CFI teams in the face of increasing regional airline pay levels and hiring bonuses. Horizon took a bold approach in its instructor recruitment efforts. It rolled out a salaried instructor position with pay levels rivaling anything found for first year regional pilots. Those efforts have paid off. At Norwood we have added Gabriel Jaszczak, Ben Raizen, and Moe Seifi. Evan Hultstrom our most recent addition to the Norwood team, joining us from Bridgewater State University. At Providence, Chris Tancrell continues to be exemplary and CFII Peter Lin and CFII Juan Barco are quickly becoming some of our students favorite instructors. Darin Larabee is the latest team member at PVD, joining us from Maine where he as instructed for several years. Our flight instructor recruiting efforts have not slowed despite these recent successes. They are continuing unabated in an effort to maintain optimal scheduling availability for the foreseeable future. We are grateful for all of our students who were patient while we worked to hire our next generation of instructors. We have worked tirelessly to mitigate the impact felt by our students and customers and look forward to once again being able to deliver an exceptional and flexible flight training experience. Contact us today to reserve your training schedule today!