We are all trying to find that perfect gift this time of year. Sometimes, we’re even asked by our friends and family what we would be on our wishlists. If you’re like us, most of your thoughts revolve around flying and airplanes. Here is our Aviator’s Holiday Gift Guide:

  1. First Flight Lesson: If there is someone in your life that hasn’t taken that first step toward earning their pilot certificate, you can help them with a gift certificate for an Airman’s Flight. This first flight lesson is the perfect opportunity for your friend or loved one to do something they’ve always wanted to do.  
  2. Electronic Flight Bag: The biggest revolution in flying in the last 15 years has been the advent of the electronic flight bag.

    Electronic Flight Bags such as ForeFlight (shown) are invaluable tools for pilots.

    These apps turn your iPad or similar tablet into your navigation assistant, multi function display, prime weather source and best of all it can replace all of your paper charts. Several options exist including ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot, and prices range from $100 – $150 for an annual subscription.

  3. EAA or AOPA Membership: EAA and AOPA are the two largest pilot membership groups in the world. They serve complimentary but different functions. AOPA, the Aircraft Owner’s and Pilots Association is the organization that protects the rights and interests of pilots with the government and the aviation industry. EAA, the Experimental Aircraft Association is more of a grassroots flying organization. They are most famous for hosting Airventure, the largest aviation gathering in the world at their headquarters in Oshkosh, WI. Membership to either organization brings with it a variety of benefits ranging from legal representation, access to local community events, and a monthly magazine.
  4. The Scout: If you are already flying with ForeFlight,The Scout is an ADS-B receiver that willunlock some of thebest benefits of the app.This tiny device, about the size of a pen, provides in flight weather and traffic information direct to ForeFlight.
  5. Flight Time: There is no better gift for your flying friend than more time in the air. Gift certificates may be purchased for any dollar amount at Horizon Aviation. Most flight lessons will cost between $250 – $300. Your gift will help pay for a portion, or all of the recipients next flight.