If a school doesn’t say that they are Part 141, they probably aren’t. Being certified means that Horizon is FAA-approved to offer many licenses with fewer flight hours because we meet their stringent requirements. This is a cost savings to you (possibly thousands of dollars of savings) made possible because we offer a guarantee of quality instruction – audited and certified by the FAA.

The FAA has two standards for flight schools: “Part 61” and “Part 141.”  The essential difference is FAA oversight.

Any Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) may proclaim himself a Part 61 school; there are no requirements for oversight or record keeping. Although the FAA has the right to inspect the instructor’s aircraft and personal logbook, in practice this rarely happens. More than 90% of all flight schools operate under Part 61 regulations.

In contrast, Part 141 requires extensive documentation and inspection to earn a certificate. The requirements are varied. For example, Part 141 schools must have a chief flight instructor with extensive experience appropriate to the material being taught, i.e. primary, IFR, or multi-engine. In addition, all instructors must meet higher oversight requirements and be approved and monitored by their chief instructor. Also, the school must submit and follow a syllabus for every license to be taught and maintain detailed records of all flight training.

The benefits of this extra effort are two-fold. First, a 141 certificate is a guarantee of quality, audited by an external agency. Students can have confidence that they are working with professionals. Second, students at Part 141 schools need fewer flight hours for many licenses, thus reducing their cost. For example, just on the Instrument Rating students need 50 fewer flight hours in a 141 program than at a Part 61 school. This represents a savings of $5,000-6,000 on that single license. Virtually all flight schools specializing in career pilot programs operate under Part 141.

Horizon Aviation, Inc. is the longest serving and most experienced Part 141 school in the area.